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Former Executive Directors*

Length of Term Executive Director
(Title Changed from "Executive Secretary" in 1966)
1923-1943 William Colfax Markham
1944-1954 Hal Henderson Hale
1955-1972 Alfred "Alf" Eugene Johnson
1972-1979 Henrik E. Stafseth
1980-1999 Francis B. Francois
1999-2013 John C. Horsley
2013- Frederick "Bud" Wright

*Prior to 1920, there were not any provisions to pay for a full-time secretary for the association. Consequently, various highway officials served the association in that capacity without compensation. AASHO's first secretary was Joseph Hyde Pratt of North Carolina, who served from 1920 to 1921. John H. Mullen of Minnesota succeeded him and served until 1922. Charles M. Upham of North Carolina succeeded Mullen and served until Markham's tenure as executive secretary took effect on January 1, 1923.